10 or More Things To Do at Hotel Harrington

Although there are lots of things to do outside the Hotel Harrington, here’s the lowdown on what you can do inside the hotel. You’ve heard it said, “It’s not the outside that counts, but rather it’s the inside.”

1. Eat Dinner at the 220 House Bar and Grill
2. Take-out dinner from 220 House Bar and Grill
3. Sleep in king or queen bed
4. Dream on foam top mattresses
5. Relax under a rain shower
6. Eat breakfast
7. Search the web with high-speed WiFi
8. Call home or nationwide for free using in-room phone
9. Watch a movie on HDTV
10. Workout in Fitness Room
11. Chill food in room refrigerator
12. Make a cup of coffee using in-room Keurig machine
13. Wash clothes in HE machines
14. Get snacks and sodas in vending machines

Sleeping Man