10 Winter Activities around the Hotel Harrington

1. Ride the toboggan slide in Eagles Mere.
2. Attend the Wild Game Dinner in February.
3. Compete in Ice fishing, ice carving and human dog sled races at Winterfest in February.
4. Ice skate Kast Pond.
5. X-country ski in state forests and parks.
6. Ice fish in Kast Pond or Lake Jean.
7. See the alpacas at the Alpaca Farm
8. Warm-up at the wineries.
9. Snowmobile on public lands.
10. Take a sleigh ride.

Winter is no reason to stay inside all day. Besides, winter months bring on a whole new set of fun activities. There are so many benefits to being active outdoors. A good way to cut calories and lose weight, winter activities can double as workouts. The fresh air makes us feel better, and it’s a lot more fun and inexpensive than watching TV or surfing the Internet all day.

State Land winter open dates, activities, rules, etc. can change unexpectedly. Always check at the gate or visitor centers for the most current information. Water-proof hiking boots or snowboots are essential if you plan to hike. Additional traction devices are necessary to traverse the most popular trails.