What is maximum occupancy?

Maximum occupancy is the largest number of people who can occupy a room at any one time. Maximum occupancy is set by fire codes, and must not be exceeded. Maximum occupancy at this hotel ranges from 2 to 4 people depending on the room type. At check-in, all guests, including guests less than 21 years of age who will be occupying room, must be registered on room list. Rates are calculated and published for double occupancy (2 people). An “Extra-Persons Fee (EPF)” is charged for all occupants beyond 2 people. Guests less than 21 years of age are considered extra-persons and charged EPF.
No in-room parties exceeding maximum occupancy of room are permitted by fire codes and insurance regulations. Groups who exceed maximum occupancy or who fail to register and pay for all guests are engaged in the illegal act of theft of services. To rectify the violation, responsible party will be given the following options: If available, book and pay for a second room to accommodate your group or pay $250 for policy violation for a one-night stay with all remaining nights of reservation cancelled.